ICT and technology


ICT and technology use has become an extraordinarily important part of learning in schools. At UDIS, technology provides both an active area of learning, and a tool to help learning occur.

ICT and technology is an active area upon which students learn key skills in how they use technology. This is a subject within the Primary programme but is also an important part of the learning in our Early Years classes as well. Students learn about technology and how it is used, while learning about different software and applications which can support their learning.

Our goal is for students to be comfortable in their use of technology so that they can use it as a tool for their own learning. To support this idea, the school incorporates smart boards and computers within each classroom. This is supported by a high speed wireless network that is an integrated part of the design and construction of our buildings.

This goal is for students to have access to technology wherever and whenever they need it to enhance their learning.